Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Double Down Scam?

Everyone's talking about the new Double Down burger of KFC. Some people who have tried this all-meat burger said it tastes really good, but some said it doesn't and it's just a waste of money. So I got curious about it and made me want to try. The thing is every time I go to a KFC store, there's always this label "Sold Out" on every photo of the Double Down burger on their menu. That's the reason up to now I still haven't tried KFC's new treat.

Just a while ago before going home from school, Rina and I went to KFC Katipunan for an early dinner. When we got there it was no surprise for me anymore that the Double Down burger is sold out. So I just ordered the Famous Bowl and a Krusher.

When I got home, Rina sent me a link of her conversation with a friend regarding the Double Down burger:

Is the "Sold Out" thing just a marketing strategy of KFC so that more people will be interested to try their new Double Down burger? What do you think?

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